Charity Auction of pipes PipeMakersMeeting Kostelec 2011 ended successfully. All of the profits were distributed children in need.More information here.
Thank you to all the bidders of the charity auction pipes.
All the pipes were sold.
Today I have my name day, and this is a good celebration.
All of you have a nice day, Jan
Dear friends, I am a bit nervous, because many people viewed the pipes, some are watching the auctions but there are almost no bids. Please let me remind you that this is the final day of the auction and the raised funds will be given to charity.
All information about the auction here.
Yesterday the charity auction started via Ebay.com. More information here. I hope the auction will be successful - Auction of pipes will be closed on Friday.
The final set of photos of pipes for charity auction PMMK2011 is here.
Now I'm preparing photos from the last two days of our meeting. Tomorrow you will see photos of the finished pipes, which the pipe masters made for the charity auction.
As promised I added some new galeries from the last few days to the section Photos and videos, where you can have a look at photos of our work!!!
The most beautiful picture today.
This day was gorgeous, but long. The album with photos of our work together will be prepared tomorrow morning, sorry. Jan
This is the start of our Meeting: Anne Julie, Georgi Todorov, Michal Novak, Premysl Omrt, Robert Knez, Tomas Mahovský, Manduela, Jan Kloucek, Zbigniew Bednarczyk and my dog "Kap".PipeMakers
Location: Workshop JanPipes, Kostelec nad Cernymi lesy, Czech Republic
Our meeting will be a little more intimate than we had planned. But the more we should probably enjoy it. Today Anne Julie and Manduela arrive from Denmark. In the evening Georgi Todorov arrives from Bulgaria. Tomorrow morning, Zbigniew Bednarzcyk will arrive from Poland. We are impatient and we look forward to seeing them together with other colleagues from the Czech Republic.
I'd like to clarify the use of funds from the charity auction of pipes that we will make together during the meeting. Messages from the representatives of the organizations with which we cooperate is here.
Today we spoke with Manduela. She arrives with Anne Julie. We look forward to both, together with all Czech pipe smokers.
Today Rainer Barbi died. You will be very much missed for your art, your friendship and your goodwill towards everyone.
Rest In Peace, Rainer.
The group of Pipemakers at the symposium "PMMK2011" will be extended by the famous Polish pipemaker and our dear friend Zbigniew Bednarczyk.

PipeMakers Meeting Przemysl 2012

Update June 2012

Ladies and Gentlemen,

City Council in Przemysl and Przemysl Pipe Club with the help of supporters and media for the seventh time organizes The Pipe Celebration with these year's main theme: „Pipe Gool!” which will take place 24th of June at The Old Town's Market Place in Przemysl.
The main aim of the following event is the promotion of the city as a capital of Polish Pipe as well as to dissemirate artistic handicrafts of over 100 years tradition. For the sake of a great importance of this event and the attendance of guests from foreign countries we take care to make an attractive program.
The Przemysl Pipe Celebration is an open air event which promotes rich tradition of Przemysl. It is also connected with the council parade across the streets to the Museum of Pipes and Bells, where the solemn inauguration of the event begins by lighting the Pipe Bench Monument. Subseqently one may go the fair of international pipemakers and exhibitiors. Last but not least we invite you to the concert of music bands such as Czestochowa's Pipes and Drums, Teddy Jr and this year's evening star Polish band Kult.

Przemysl Pipe Celebration 2012 „Pipe Gooal!” Przemysl 24.06.2012

In the week following the event we organize an International Meeting of Pipemakers. There will be guest from Czech Republic, Denmark, Austria, Russia, Ukraine and the meeting host: Poland. Above the integration and exchange of experience the main topic of the meeting will concern charity. Eeach participant will make one pipe that will be exhibited and sold through a internet auction. Profits will receive the orphanage from Przemysl.
Moreover during the celebration we will compete in European Finalas in Pipe Smoking „Pipe Gooal!”. This time beetwen our normal competitors will have eleven-person international teams: Czech, Polish, „Rest of the World” choosen by the presidents of national pipe federations. The winning time will be the time summed of the team. The award is Grand Thropy „Fajowe Euro 2012”. On Sunday in high moon we will open The Museum of Pipes and Bells with exhibition specially prepared to commemorate over 100 years old pipe making tradiotion of Przemysl.

The program of The Przemysl Pipe Celebration 2012.

1. 20 June, 10:00 AM / 23 June – Pipe workshop „Mr Brog”, Ostrow 656 – International meeting of pipe makers. The main theme will concern charity.

2. 24 June, 12:00 AM – Clock Tower, Wladycze Street. Exhibition of pipes and the old documents from the beginings of Przemysl pipe manufactures at The Museum of Pipes and Bells.

3. 24 June, 2:00 PM – The Old Town's Market Place. International presentation of pipe makers works. Registration of the Pipe Contest competitors.

4. 24 June, 3:30 PM – Great March to the Pipe Bench Monument from The Old Town's Market Place and lighting it to open the main celebration.

5. 4:30 PM – conccert of Czestochowa's Pipes and Drums.

6. 5:00 PM – Football Fan's Corner – The green field on the Main Market Square with gate amd a goal keeper from local Przemysl Polonia – possibly with famous Jerzy Dudek. Live music, competitions.

7. 5:00 PM – beginning of The International Pipe Smoking Competition.

8. 7:00 PM – the ceremony of confernment: The Pipe of Trust.

9. 7:30 PM – evening's star concert – KULT.

10. 8:30 PM – back to Football Fan's Corner – Semifinals Euro 2012.

Update October 2011

Together with our friend Zbigniew Bednarczyk we agreed to begin with preparations for the next event PipeMakersMeeting Przemysl 2012. This next annual meeting should take place in Przemysl - a famous pipe city in Poland. Further information and exact dates of the event will be published during December.

Update September 2011

First let me return with a memory of our lovely meeting. Once more I would like to thank to everybody who participated, not only the masters of the pipemaking craft
PipeMakers but also to the pipe smokers from USA, China and the Czech Republic who took part in our charity auction. More than seven thousand dolars were collected and the money was then distributed to these charity organizations: Salvation Army Czech Republic, foundation Archa Chantal and the Children's home Zruč nad Sázavou. You can find further information here . I must express special thanks to Anne Julie, her beautiful pipe contributed to the charity auction with the greatest share.

May 2011

Welcome to the official website of the
Pipe Makers Meeting Kostelec 2011,
an international pipemaking symposium that takes place during 8.-11.th June 2011 within the slow pipe smoking competition of the XI. Anniversary “Royal Cup of Bohemia and Moravia”.
PipeMakersThe Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister of the Czech Republic Karel Schwarzenberg has granted patronage to this event. The result of this meeting shall be a charity auction of a special pipe collection that will be manufactured together by the pipe celebrities.

PipeMakersOn this website we would like to offer an on-line coverage of the symposium with picture and film to all pipe-friendly people. We will let you have a look into the process of pipemaking at the hands of significant pipemakers. The outcome of this event gives a chance for pipe smokers and collectors all around the world to purchase exclusive originals made by world famous pipemakers and also to make a contribution to the charity auction for a good cause.


The sympozium PMMK2011 will take place from 8th to 10th June 2011 in our workshop in Kostelec nad Černými lesy. Final ceremony of the event and presentation of the exclusive collection of pipes will take place on Saturday 11th June 2011 as part of the XI. Anniversary “Royal Cup of Bohemia and Moravia” also in Kostelec nad Černými lesy.(detailed program here)

The event starts in xxx days xxx hours.

On behalf of the organizing team Jan Klouček and Michal Novák

We would like to thank all the friends of the pipe for making our website visible by sharing this information and adding a link to pipe discussion forums, pipe-club websites and other media.

This way you can help us to carry out the charity auction for the benefit of children and people in need.

To start of the event remains: